7 Tips to Help You Set Up Your Home Business Office

May 12, 2020

Don’t you love to set up your home business office? It’s exciting, right?! I mean who doesn’t love decorating!!! Here are some of my favorite tips to help sep up your home business office!

You are probably thinking colorful post-its, cute stationery and the likes. You can have all of that and more in your office. 

Let’s start setting up your home business office:

Start With The Essentials 

List down the essentials you need to have in your office. A typical home business office would likely need:

  1. A Computer
  2. Internet Device and Port 
  3. Shelves 
  4. Desk & Chair
  5. Printer & Other Equipment 
  6. Stationery (bring out your stash) 
  7. White or Bulletin Board (this can be a game changer for organization and planning…trust and believe) 

Select Your Space 

Where in your home would you like to set up your home office? 

Walk around your home and think of that ideal spot. You probably already have a space in mind. If its a yes, ask yourself these questions:

  • Is it big enough to accommodate all my essentials, and more when you expand later on?
  • Does it have ample natural light? You’ll need that. Good lighting will help you concentrate better for longer stretches of time. Remember that good lighting is also important if you want to talk to your clients online. It will make you look good on video. 
  • Are the charging docks/outlets accessible from this space? 
  • Will it allow you to easily work without being disturbed? Also, keep in mind that you probably don’t want your office to be completely alienated from the rest of the house because you might need to keep tabs on the kidos.

Design It 

No office should be bland. The beauty of your home office is you can decorate it however you like without having someone to pass judgment every day. You can clutter it up as much as you like! 

When decorating anything, I like to get on Pinterest…duh! Go through a few styles. Think of your home’s preexisting aesthetics.

You can do one step further, and create your home office’s design board. Take a big piece of cardboard, and paste pictures of what you would like in your home office. Think color combination. Think design styles. 

Print out designs for the table, chair, cushions, etc. And any other thing you would like to see in your home business office. When you have it in print and you see everything together, you’ll know which pieces work together. 

Also, keep in mind you will most likely have online conferences or discovery calls from your office. A decorated, well-organized office will improve your prospective client’s confidence in your business. They’ll see someone who takes pride in their home business.  

So bling away! 

Buying Your Essentials 

Once you have your design sorted, time to shop your essentials. Your desk and chair are probably the most vital piece of equipment you would be buying. 

I would recommend going for quality over price, especially with the office chair. You would be spending hours on the chair and a comfortable chair will make it easier. You don’t want back strain while working. Search for ergonomic designs as these give you maximum comfort. I would also recommend going to the store and trying out the furniture before buying it. Check if it’s comfortable, so you don’t have any unpleasant surprise when you set up your home business office. 

Office Equipment

On my list of 7 tips to help you set yup your home business office, this one although lower on the list is super important! When setting up your home office you always need to think about your equipment before you buy your decor. Here’s a list of office equipment that you might need for your home office. Start with the basics and add in as you expand:

  • Printer & Scanner. Get a dual one. It will take up less space, and you can get a good deal. 
  • Internet Router. Look for high-speed routers. 
  • Backup Drives. Don’t skip on these even from the start. You don’t want to lose important data in the middle of an important project). 
  • Filing Cabinet. 
  • Storage. You might not need extra storage when you initially set up your home business office so this can be added later. But design your office keeping in mind that you might need storage as you grow. 
  • Paper Shredder. 

Essential Online Tools 

It’s so much easier to keep track of your home business with all the online tools available nowadays. Some online tools I find most useful are: 

  • Google Drive. Or any other cloud saving space. With Google Drive, I can share work easily with my clients. 
  • Canva. Canva is great for basic design work. From presentations to animation, you can do a LOT on this tool.  
  • Toggl. For home business owners who work on an hourly basis, Toggl will help you keep track of your time. The essential plan is free, but if you want to create invoices for hours billed directly then go for the premium membership. 
  • Zoom. Or Skype. Even Hangouts to communicate with your clients through video calls. 

Plan and Organize Your Supplies 

Buying office supplies is one of my favorite things to do.  You will need the standard items like paper, pens, highlighters, post-its, note pads, etc. 

I started off by using my kid’s supplies, but as my home business grew, I got my own stationery. It’s a major confidence booster for your home office business, trust me. 

Once you have your supplies, organize them. Have a place for everything. It’s going to save a lot of your time. 

I hope these tips on how to set up your home business office will set you on the right track. Make it rock! 

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7 Tips to Help You Set Up Your Home Business Office



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