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10 Services You Can Offer As A Virtual Administrative Assistant

May 26, 2020

Working from home as a virtual administrative assistant is THE dream job for many people. You decide your own hours, you get to pick your own clients (yes, the time will come if it hasn’t already) and , you can juggle your family responsibilities on your own terms. 

But for some people the challenge is deciding what services to offer. Most people who want to start working from home feel they don’t the have skills or education to offer something of value to a client.

Well, you’d be surprised at how many services you can offer without obtaining certificates and degrees. Many of these fall under the umbrella of services you can offer as a virtual administrative assistant

As you know millions of entrepreneurs are currently overwhelmed with their business. They are looking to delegate some or all of their mundane overwhelming work to virtual administrative assistants. 

Here are 10 services you can offer to help make the lives easier for entrepreneurs worldwide:

Inbox Management 

Are you someone with an inbox that’s neatly organized into labels and starred items? The rest of us aren’t that organized. Our inboxes are brimming with unread, often useless emails. A lot of times we can’t sort our important emails from the junk we get. 

That’s where you come in. You can help your potential and current clients manage their inboxes. Sort out their old mail and keep up with the new ones.  Help them organize their email billing statements and important emails. Be the voice for them with their customers. Make more time for them to get back to building their business.

Data Entry 

There are thousands of data entry jobs available on the internet right now. Data entry involves organizing and storing data. Organizations like hospitals, government entities, and other big bodies generate thousands of bytes of data every day. Much of it is not properly organized. 

There are jobs online right now for database administrators, however approach them with caution. Some of these can be a scam. I would recommend directly approaching businesses in your area to help them manage their database online or searching on the main site of the hospital or government entity.


If you have a background in finance, this is another service you can offer as a virtual administrative assistant. Bookkeepers are generally responsible for creating invoices, managing employee salaries, monitoring payables and receivables, keeping track of loans and all the other aspects of cash flow in a business. 

You’d be surprised at how many small businesses have no idea how handle their cash flows. They need your help!

If this is something that interests you, I would recommend getting an internship or a certificate to add credibility to your services. This improves your potential client’s confidence in your abilities. 

Calendar Management 

Many online coaches and service providers have the option of online booking on their website. Sometimes it can become pretty hectic to manage all appointments and consultations. 

When you offer calendar management as a service, you help your clients stay on top of these appointments. You make sure the client is present for all of their appointments by setting up reminders for them. You can add value by creating automated reminders, and pre-filled appointment descriptions so your client is always aware of what each meeting should focus on and when.

You can also bring even more value to your client by making sure all these appointments are optimized to make the best of the client’s time. 

Social Media Management

Even virtual assistants need virtual assistants. Social media managers often hire virtual administrative assistants to help them bulk (batch) schedule their social media posts. These managers are often handling multiple accounts on their own. This includes planning, designing, writing, and scheduling all those posts. And they don’t do it every day. Usually, posts are created and scheduled before the start of the month. 

Because scheduling can be a monotonous job, they hire virtual administrative assistants to help them with this work. All you have to do is use their preferred scheduling app, and schedule those posts for the rest of the month. Simple enough, right?  


Customer Service 

Customer Service is another popular service you can offer as a virtual administrative assistant. Become a one-person customer service department. As a customer service rep, you would be asked to take calls on behalf of a company. These could be customer engagement calls, or you could be cold calling to help your client’s business generate leads for their business.

As a customer service rep, you would need a good internet connection, access to a phone and be fluent in the language of choice.  You will also need very good communication skills and experience in dealing with customers as a representative.


Get hired to type meeting notes, invoices, and other such materials. This is one job that doesn’t require much experience or any qualifications. 

If you have a typing speed of above 60 words per minute, this might be a good opportunity. Try an online typing test to get an idea of your speed. 

Content Repurposing

Help entrepreneurs convert their audio recordings to written documents or repurpose previous content for another advertising campaign. Pro Tip: If you have a background in medicine or law, you can demand a higher hourly rate since medical and legal transcriptionists are paid a higher average. 

Amazon Product Listing 

This is an admin related job that’s not very commonly listed. But with the growth of a dropshipping and small business, I find this as a quite lucrative service. All you have to do is update the products from an excel sheet to their Amazon account. You can learn how to do this with a simple YouTube tutorial. 

 Miscellaneous Tasks 

There are tons of other tasks that many business owners require help with. At times, they don’t have the time or inclination to do these tasks themselves. Other times, they don’t have the expertise for it. 

Some examples include proofreading, content/copywriter, making presentations, managing excel sheets, etc.   

If you are offering virtual administrative services, I would recommend that you include miscellaneous tasks in your list of services. So, if your existing clients require a service that’s not listed amongst your services, or is not typically considered admin work, they will at least inquire. 

These are all the services you can offer as virtual admin assistant even if you don’t have a lot of qualifications or a proper degree. I feel that virtual administrative services are a great way to enter into the online business world. Once you do, start building your virtual business from there. Take up courses. Expand your horizons and start adding services to your arsenal. 

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