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3 Simple Productivity Hacks

There are 3 productivity hacks that I have for you that can increase your productivity by 90% everyday!  These 3 hacks can allow you to still enjoy all the pleasures of social media and everything that your phone provides but will also give you just a little more time to do the things that are really important throughout your workday. So let’s get to the point, your phone is basically the only thing in the world that knows your entire life inside and out!  I mean think about it…

Productivity Hack #1

Silencing notifications. Yes I said it!!! 
“Silence my notifications, absolutely not!  
I don’t even know what that means because my phone is supposed to ring when people need me!! 
Ring Ring RIng… that’s the point of having my phone.”


If you expect to be productive throughout your day, how can you do that If your phone is ringing all day long? Being able to silence the notifications, and by silence I mean putting your phone on silent and turning it face down, allows you to dictate when you’re able to devote time to your phone and to everyone else. Keep in mind it is your life and it is your time and you do not have to be at everyone’s beck and call all day long. 

Productivity Hack #2

Silencing your phone, yes you will be able to gain more time however, just silencing your phone is not enough!  The second part of the hack is enabling DO NOT DISTURB. By enabling do not disturb on your phone you really dictate when your phone is not going to go buzz buzz on the table, and send you into a “I MUST ANSWER THIS” frenzy.  Do not disturb does not mean the phone isn’t going to let you know somebody’s really trying to get a hold of you, but what it does do is give you the ability to choose who gets to contact you if and when they need you. 

Productivity Hack #3

Carve out time to scroll.  Your reward for being so disciplined throughout your work day is to carve out some time later in your day that you can allow yourself a chance to scroll through all your unanswered notifications. I found the best time for me to do this is after I finish my work, it’s a reward, it’s something to look forward to! I get to play on my phone when I complete the work that I set out to do for the day.  I also find that by doing this, I’m not just on my phone for the usual dopamine increase. I am genuinely on my phone to enjoy all that it has to offer. 

Including these three productivity hacks will increase your productivity tenfold and it’s also gonna teach you a little bit more about self discipline which I’ll talk about my next post hope you enjoyed!

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  1. erika says:

    I used to do hack #3 so well, but sometimes I find myself scrolling on Instagram. It’s so bad! Definitely need to stop doing that lol

  2. Amanda Kerr says:

    You said it girl! I even find myself sometimes just scrolling when I could be doing something else that’s more beneficial. Thanks for the reminder! More people need to read stuff like this!!

  3. Great suggestions. I need to be better about this.

  4. These are wonderful tips! In the constant contact society we live in nowadays, it’s so hard to follow these simple but yet profound tips. It blows my mind how much time my kids take to do things because they refuse to put their phones down. Once I take their phones away from them, they see just how much time they’ve lost!

  5. Julia Hess says:

    These are great hacks! I think we all struggle with giving up the phone at times, but I love giving up my phone and then completing my task. Then when I am done can spend some time on it.

  6. Sabika says:

    I usually turn on do not disturb while working and also before bedtime, but I still find a way to pick up my phone and scroll mindlessly sometimes. Will try the third hack now…Thanks for these amazing tips.

  7. Syedah Shifa says:

    This was much needed for me. I sometimes find it hard to put my phone away and focus on my work completely. These are some great hacks I’m gonna follow for sure. Thanks for sharing.

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