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What Does a Pinterest VA/Manager Actually Do

So you’ve heard that you can make money from home as a virtual assistant and you’ve even researched different VA courses but you’re still not completely sure what that looks like? As you start researching you find many, many different services you can offer to clients to increase your income. One service that is a hot topic is making money as a Pinterest virtual assistant (manager). But what exactly does a Pinterest virtual assistant do? 

Pinterest is one of the most popular search engines used today and smart business owners know the benefits of running a successful Pinterest account. The problem…Pinterest can be very time consuming, that’s where a Pinterest virtual assistant comes in! As a Pinterest VA, you will collaborate with business owners to ensure their account is optimized and running smoothly. Let’s talk about what that looks like and specific services you can offer as a Pinterest VA. 

Pinterest Set-Up 

Pinterest set-up is a one time service that would benefit clients who are just starting out in the Pinterest world, or clients who may have an account but have not taken the time to fully set it up. You will work together to create a professional profile and ensure their page is off to a solid start by setting up their account. This includes creating a pinterest handle, setting a profile picture, making sure their bio is search engine optimized, creating and writing descriptions for relevant boards for their page!

Account Audit

This service can be offered to business owners at any level but is most beneficial for clients who have a well-established account. The ideal client would be an avid Pinterest user looking for tips and tricks to clean up their account and improve its effectiveness along with how to better optimize their account to increase traffic to their page. 

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Scheduling Pins

One important aspect of a successful Pinterest account is having constant activity on your account…one way is to schedule pins throughout the day. But who has time to be on Pinterest all day long?  Your client sure doesn’t! That’s what makes this a great service to offer. Using apps such as tailwind, allows you to schedule pins to post all day long! Your clients’ account will surely gain more engagement this way…which in return…means more traffic to their page and more income!

Creating Pins

As a Pinterest VA you can service your clients and help their Pinterest growth by creating custom pins. Using programs such as canva, you can create branded templates for your clients. As they finish up blog posts or add new products, you can easily create 4-5 new pins for their account. Custom pin design is a great way to showcase your creative side!


One important service you can offer to your client is to track and review their metrics. You can use the metrics provided by Pinterest to see which pins performed well and which ones did not perform as well and adjust accordingly. You can even look back at their past pins that did not perform well and update them with keyword research and reschedule for more growth. 

Are you ready to jump in and become a virtual assistant? You can honestly make money as a Pinterest Virtual Assistant NOW!

These services can be provided individually or better yet, on a monthly basis with retainer clients. Pinterest virtual assistants are needed and vital to helping a business increase traffic and definitely a service you can provide!

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