Apr 17, 2020

        The world seems like a very different place right now. Covid-19 has created a new global environment that many of us are struggling to perceive, let alone actually function in. CEOs are now not only working from home, but they’ve also become teachers; home schooling their children. Restaurant employees and personal trainers are out of work completely.  Grocery stores are now the front line of an invisible war our bodies and minds are fighting. It’s a completely new reality for business and life thanks to COVID-19.

We are in this TOGETHER!

         This global pandemic has changed the world, and it’s not simply going to return back to normal. Ahhh…the day we can finally step outside again. Businesses have changed & been lost. LIVES have been lost… this is going to be hard! However, running a business during a global pandemic is not impossible, just unique. We have gathered a couple web articles here for all you business owners out there to take advantage of, so you don’t have to stress and search  for yourself. It’s here for you! Simplified, organized, and easy!

        The piece we would like to share is from the wonderful and resourceful Entrepeneur; is a list of business tools and applications that have either been created due to Coronavirus, or have shifted their model in response. And they’re all FREE!!! You hear that….FREE! Yes it is long, 111 tools/apps to be exact; but that’s what we liked it. There’s something for everyone here! From Zoom, which we are all familiar with at this point, to Otter.ai, which automatically transcribes meetings, you can’t go wrong. We loved it! Also, it breaks down which of these tools have become free, how long they will be free, and how to access these tools, without endlessly droning on. It might seem like a lot of information, but it gets directly to the point!

“111 Free Tools to Help You Through the Coronavirus Pandemic”

We all work from home now!

         Coronavirus has also taken many businesses; more specifically small, privately owned businesses, and turned them into home businesses. You are now stuck in your house!! So how do you continue your success? How is a home business successful at all? What do I need to do? First things first! Just like any non-home business….it’s got to be LEGAL! Yep, you can’t just decide to switch your operating model to your home, you have to cross your T’s and dot those I’s!! So this next goodie, much shorter than the first one…you’re welcome, comes from Investopedia, and is a collection of permits and licenses you need for your home business. This time WILL end, but no one has any idea of when. So next year, you know you don’t want to have to struggle with while filing taxes, or learn you’ve been operating an illegally for the past few months! No one has time for that!

“The Licenses and Permits You Need For Your Home-Based Business”

Get Your Mind Right!

       Lastly, let’s talk about the hardest thing about our new reality for life and business during Covid-19. This virus is shifting so much of our world right now, and not just in a business sense.  Yes, running a business during a pandemic is difficult, but what about your life outside of your business? Lives are different. We can’t leave our homes. We can’t physically socialize. Children might not get a summer vacation. People are sick. People are dying. Mental health and stability has to be discussed! No one can run a successful business if their mind isn’t right. So let’s get our mind right…

Let’s hear from some fellow entrepreneurs! You get eight great self-strengthening tips from 8 different business owners! Stay strong, stay positive, do your best! We are all in this together!

“8 Self-Care Tips From Wildly Successful Entrepreneurs”

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