How To Manage Working From Home & Keeping up With Distant Learning
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How To Manage Working From Home & Keeping up With Distant Learning

I don’t know about you, but distant learning had me for a few days. It felt like I was juggling too many balls and one was bound to drop. To be honest, I did drop a few in the first week. I had to manage working from home while also keeping up with distant learning.

Simply put, I was overwhelmed.  

But we adapt. And with this distant learning, we are continuing to adapt. And expand our limits. 

As a work from home mother, I felt the burden of distant learning more than most moms. I have clients to serve, and now I’m expected to sit in a class with a 3-year old. And two days later, I realized I needed a new plan. A productivity plan to help manage working from home during distant learning sessions.

And because it was a success for my family, I decided to do a post on it. 

How To Manage Working From Home While Keeping up With Distant Learning:

Here are some productivity tips to manage work from home, that are keeping me sane for now: 

Create a Timetable

Having a timetable will help you manage expectations better for both you and the kids. Trust me, there will be less nagging and delaying when there is a timetable taped on their walls.

The first few days might be difficult, but once you absolutely stick to the timetable, the rest of the days would be much smoother. 

Also, when making a timetable, be realistic. Half an hour of screen time probably won’t be enough for the whole day, or getting 4 hours of uninterrupted work with little kids might be pushing it too far. 

Create A To-Do List 

And while you are creating your timetable, also create a to-do list for the entire week. Again, be realistic with what you can achieve each day. 

List down all your tasks. Both personal and work-related. Ascribe a time limit to each task. Don’t fill your entire day with tasks. Leave 1-2 hours extra for yourself too. And give yourself that time at the end of the day. This will fuel you to finish your tasks during the day. 

Review Your Weekends 

Weekends aren’t what they used to be. No more nights out. Or catching up with friends and family. So why not use that time to give to your business. Wake up early (or stay up late) and get ahead of your work for the week. 

Don’t Hesitate to Ask For Help 

Many times, we try to become the superwomen of our homes, and it often results in frustration and anger. Spare yourself and your family the drama, and ask for help. 

Your partner is also probably at home too. Divide the duties. If they can’t take over teaching duties, hand the kitchen over to them.

They can also look after the kids while you handle meetings and manage work from home for a few hours. 

Meal Planning 

Kids are eating 101 snacks throughout the day at my house. Is it the same at yours? And it’s not possible to hit the kitchen every time your kid demands a snack. It’s counterproductive. So, what we do is we meal plan for our week during the weekends. 

Yes, one more task during the weekends, but you can involve the kids too. Put them on mixing duty. Teach them to make a simple cucumber and cheese sandwich. Get them involved in the cleaning up.

Work out Your Productive Hours 

Not everyone is a morning person. Some of us are night owls too. Listen to yourself. Do you work better in the morning or late at night?

Depending on this, decide on your few totally uninterrupted hours of the day when your kids are sleeping. Is it going to the time when your kids finally get the bed, or the time when they haven’t woken up?

Talk To Your Family 

Explain your situation to your family. Kids understand more than we give them credit for. Sit down with them, and explain to them that mommy needs some time to work also. During that time, offer your kids options. 

Would they like to draw, or play with Legos? Also, encourage your kids to be more independent. 

Encourage Independent Play Time 

If your kids cannot get enough of mommy, start by laying down the expectations. Tell them that for every 1 hour, they let mommy work, mommy will play with them for 20 minutes. And during those 20 minutes, give them your undivided attention. Set a clock and be fair with the time. 

Other things to help encourage independent play while you manage work from home:

  • Offer Age-appropriate toys that they can handle themselves 
  • Create a play area that is safe and easy for them to operate 
  • When playing with your kids, let them be the leader. 
  • Hop on to Pinterest and download some free printables for them to do while you work. 

And remember, there will be good days and difficult days. Pat your back on the good ones, and cut yourself some slack when things go wrong. Remember, you are a strong mama. We are all in this together, and we will get out of it together too, soon. 

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manage working from home

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