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How to Make Money Online Through Your Blog

Most people start a blog because they want to earn money through it. They’ve heard of people leaving their 9 to 5 for their blog to earn 6 figure incomes from it. You have to admit, it’s very enticing and possibly very lucrative. Who wouldn’t want to sit home and make money online from your blog?

Blogging has opened up so many different ways for you to make revenue online. But before you read about these opportunities, I would like to say that you have to think of blogging as a business. Approach it with a business mindset and not as a part-time thing or hobby. When it comes to earning money from your blog, having the right mindset is the key to making it big. 

Here are my favorite tips on how to make money online through blogging: 

Affiliate Marketing 

This is how most of the big bloggers are earning money from their blog. Affiliate Marketing is when you promote a product for another company on your blog, and earn a commission when people buy the product after your recommendation.

While Amazon is the most popular affiliate marketing company, there are others worth exploring like Shareasale, Rauketen, and Ebay. If you want to use affiliate marketing to make revenue online, then I would also suggest you check some of the brands you already use. See if they have their own affiliate marketing program that you can sign up to. 

When signing up with an affiliate program, I would suggest that you review their policy. Look at their cookie length, commission rate, and vendor reputation. Also, go with programs that suit your blog niche. 

Sponsored Posts

Sponsored Posts are posts that you write for a brand to promote their products. It’s kind of like an advertisement, only its more personal because you are sharing your experience of the product. Sponsored posts tend to have a higher conversion rate for brands. Plus, it also helps brands with their own SEO, which is why brands pay good money to have their posts put up on your blog. 

While smaller brands might pay you $100 or even less for a sponsored post, bigger brands usually pay around $300 dollars or more. This amount depends upon your website visitors. If you have over 1,00,000 website visitors in a day, you can demand a higher payout for your sponsored posts. 

To get brands to sponsor your posts, you can approach them directly or you can sign up with websites that help bridge the gap between influencers and brands: 

Sell a Product 

You can easily convert your blog into an e-commerce store and set up your online shop. If you want to sell an actual product, you have two options. You can create and market your own product. Or you can start a dropshipping business. 

In drop shipping, you are essentially the middleman between the producer and the buyer. You put up products on your website, and once someone buys from your store, you inform the producer who then arranges delivery of the item. 

Sell A Service or a Course

Apart from selling physical products, you can also sell services or a course on your website. Think of your expertise and your blog niche. For instance, a speech therapist can put up speech therapy classes on her website or offer speech therapy consultations to her audience. I offer free consultations and 1:1 strategy sessions on my site for clients who are not yet ready to buy or may have questions about how to become VA’s or grow their businesses.

Create A Membership Site 

A membership site is where your audience can get access to exclusive content when they become paying members of your website. If you are a fitness coach, you can get your audience to become premium members and get access workouts, meal plans and fitness guides. 

Display Ads 

Not my favorite way to make revenue through a blog, but it’s still a viable option. You can earn money by displaying ads on your website.

How do you do that? 

Sign up to Google Adsense. Once approved, they give you a code. You put up that code in different places throughout your blog. So now every time someone clicks on the ad, you make a few dollars.

Other alternatives to Google Adsense:

You won’t be earning a lot by displaying ads, but you don’t have to do a lot. Once you put up your code, you sit back and let the code do the work.  

How to Choose?

When choosing how to make money online from your blog, think of your blog niche. If you have a blog on how to use Pinterest, you would do better to sell services that online businesses and brands could use and learn from. 

All of the above-mentioned ways to make revenue online through your blog can earn you good money. You don’t have to select just one option. You can do affiliates and sponsored posts both on your website, and sell products and services too. 

Happy writing!!!

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