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How to Organize Your Business

I’m organized right?

This is usually one of the first questions that I hear when dealing with potential clients. Everyone thinks that the processes that they have generated over the past umpteenth years that they’ve been in business are the ways that should be set in stone because it’s been working for the past year or 30+ years.  HA! Organization is not just a thought process it’s a lot more than what is in your head. Let’s learn how to organize your business.

What is Organization?

Organization and being organized are two completely different things. 


  • The way things are categorized. 

Being Organized

  • Consistently putting things in their place. 

Usually when clients ask me: I’m organized right? I am tickled and then have to ask a serious question. What does organization mean to you? The typical answer that follows is, “I have great plans but, I feel like my head is full of ideas but nothing pushes through, or I use 8 million apps and for some reason still cannot be organized enough.”

Simple answer= the answer is not that simple.  Learning to organize your business is tough.

Being organized and having your business organized are two completely different things. You can have a beautiful home that has everything in its exact place and your business could also be imploding simultaneously. Staying on top of tasks within your business is not just a daily practice but a motto. Aside from the fact that we know that to be organized you have to create tasks and those tasks have to be fulfilled, every task has a set of rules that must be followed to complete that specific task. Going even further, tasks have categories and categories have homes or spaces that they should be organized under in order for them to be completed properly. 

Spaces for Your Ideas 

The services that The Raxx Creative offers is to create spaces that house your different departments, divisions, specialties, technologies, platforms, & ideas.  We organize them in a way that only the people that need to be involved in those specific areas are involved, informed, and delegated to. 

The biggest concerns that I see when visiting a business is looking at how it is run specifically. Does everyone involved know their responsibility? Does everyone involved know how their task or their responsibility gets from A-to-Z?  Is everyone aware of how to delegate a task if it cannot be completed? Is everyone aware of how to actually perform their task at 100%? Is the manager or “boss” clarifying what needs to be done in its specific time frame? Does the task need to be done within a certain time frame and how should it be completed? If you cannot answer these questions then maybe you do need my help LOL. Don’t be afraid because getting these questions answered is not as complicated as it seems. Organization is my specialty because I am organized. So ask yourself, am I really organized? I would love to help you dig deeper! 

So Now I’m Organized Right?

Being organized doesn’t just stop there.  There are certain tasks that we don’t necessarily always want to do but definitely need to make sure are done. How do you onboard a new team member? How do you onboard new clients? How do you offboard a team member who’s exiting?  How do you onboard for a client? How do you process transition and how does your business change to that mold? 

Business organization is not just about daily functions and tasks. It is also imperative that you make sure that in transition, which is inevitable, that your business functions properly.  Does it survive? Does it change? Does someone assume a new role? Are there any tasks that can be done to make sure that all of your gears are constantly oiled and running efficiently? Who will do them?

No More Questions, just help!

And here comes the final point! What about your dreams? What happens to those thoughts and ideas that you know could make your business better? How do you organize those? Do you write them down? Do you create a note in your iPhone? Do you create a document in the cloud to write down all the things that you wish that you could do? Who do you call when you’re ready to move these ideas forward? How are you being held accountable to make sure that these new dreams and ideas come to fruition? 

The answer is right in front of you… ding ding ding The Raxx Creative! Not only do we build systems for you to stay organized in your normal business capacity and transitions, we also want to see you grow! We want to make sure that your business is constantly evolving and that your new ideas and dreams are being added into your arsenal. But how do you do that? Easy! Organized Planning.  We love being that person on your shoulder or that little birdie in your ear that constantly makes sure that you’re on top of everything you would like to accomplish. What about that book you wanted to write or that blog you want to start? What about that great idea that would change your business 100 times over but you just don’t have the time to do it? We can help you to plan that into your day and your week to make sure that inch by inch you are making it to the end zone.

So ask you again… are you really organized? Can’t wait to hear your feedback…

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