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What Does Being A Girl Boss Really Mean?

The term “Girl Boss“ has become the most recent slang in a slew of terms thanks to urban dictionary that now mean you are in charge.  With the revolution of girl power and black girl magic it is now obvious that girls do in fact run the world! Unfortunately however, the term Girl Boss is being used so often nowadays across so many different platforms that many of us feel like giving ourselves the term Girl Boss somehow gives us control over our lives. It is not that easy. When I started the journey of becoming a “Girl Boss” five years ago I quickly learned that just calling yourself the boss meant absolutely nothing. This is what I’ve also learned:

  • Being a “Girl Boss“ is hard…period
  • It takes more than calling yourself the boss to be one
  • You have to learn how to evolve on your own
  • You have to learn how to push with nothings behind you

Being the Girl Boss is hard:

Anything that you want that is larger than you is definitely going to be hard work. Being a girl boss is like wanting to be the boss except as a girl, which means it’s going to be even harder. What you may lack in parts you definitely have in brains and heart! That being said, your heart is going to get hurt but your brains will work its way through it. You have to be able to overcome the feelings that come along with being an entrepreneur. Being your own boss is lonely, it is scary, it is downright hard, but it is not impossible. If, and only if, you are willing to sacrifice and to push yourself will you be successful.

It takes more than just you calling yourself the boss to be one:

If you’re going to be the boss you have to be willing to do the job that no one else is willing to do. I know that you’ve heard that saying more than once especially if you’ve been in this field for a while, but it really does mean just that. If you’re not willing to do the work that you ask others to do, or to do the work that you were being asked to do, that maybe the work is “beneath you” then you were not willing to be the boss. You have to know how to get your hands dirty, you have to know how to complete the tasks, satisfy the customer, and grow all at the same time. You have to have a vision and you have to have a goal, and in order to get to those goals you have to be able to know the things that it takes to get to the end.

You have to learn how to evolve on your own:

Yes…I know that you know what the word evolve means, and I know that you know that you have to do it. Evolving on your own is much harder when you have to figure out how you’re going to change. When I talk about evolving I mean learning the newest things in your area of expertise. It means being so organized and so on top of your game that you’re also able to keep your clients on top of theirs. It means being able to know when you’re wrong even when you feel like you’re right, and knowing the difference of when to say something versus when to shut up. It’s also about being the jack of all your trades and the master of them as well.

You have to learn how to push when no ones behind you:

Just because you feel like no one is behind you when you’re running this race does not mean that you are in this race alone. You have to learn how to continue to push yourself past your limits so that you can perform at 110%. It means not looking to the right or left at what your competitors are doing every single day and comparing your start to their finish. It means not looking behind to see if someone else is getting ready to pass you up in this race. It’s about looking inside of yourself and making sure that everything that you are doing is constantly inching you forward toward your goal, instead of worrying about what everyone else is doing to surpass you. You can however look forward.  You can look forward to the women in business that you aspire to be, you can look forward to the trailblazers within your industry. You can look forward to becoming as successful if not more than they are, but only if you keep looking forward. So put on those blinders and let’s get to work…

You go Girl Boss! Wear that name proudly, but only if it’s worn honestly…

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