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How to Get Your Existing Clients to Get You More Clients

May 5, 2020

Becoming friends with your clients and nurturing good relationships are just the first steps in how to get your existing clients to get you more clients. Usually it goes something like this…

Found yourself a client? 


Getting your first client is a very giddy feeling. 

But that’s just the beginning. 

The minute you get your first client, start thinking expansion. Think new clients. Think new contracts. Get excited!!! 

Because it’s happening now. These new clients could potentially be the first amongst the many if you play it right. 

How to Get Your Existing Clients to Get You More Clients 

Get your existing clients to increase your business with my 3-step get-more-clients plan:

1. Relationship Management 

Let’s start with building relationships. This era of marketing that we are living in right now is being called the relationship era. 

In this time, a relationship is not something that’s good to have. It’s a must-have for any business because word of mouth is still the most effective marketing strategy. This word of mouth idea could mean definitive leads for you. 

Become friends with your clients. Nurture good relationship. When a client feels happy, they are going to say good things about you and that’s going to get you more clients because business owners are usually friends with other business owners. Networking people!!! Even more, among these friends, someone might be looking for the same services you offer. 

A few ways to nurture a good working relationship are:

  • Have a contract in place. Before you start working, lay down the scope of your work, payments, and other important details in a contract. This will help both you and your client manage expectations and track them throughout your relationship.
  • Be Honest. For any relationship to survive, it requires honesty. And it is the same for a client-customer relationship.  
  • Get Feedback. Ask them for feedback on a regular basis. This will give you ways to improve your work, and also help serve your client better. 
  • Stay Engaged. Get in touch with your customers on a regular basis. Check-in with them daily, weekly, or monthly, depending on the scope of your work. Give them updates on your work progress. Ask for feedback. Try to ensure that you are in the back of their minds frequently so when they have more work, they get in touch. If they have to recommend your services, they remember you. 

2. Ask For Testimonials

Ask your client to write a testimonial for you. Do this, after you do some really exceptional work. 

It might be just a few sentences, but it lends more credibility to your business. It’s proof that you are doing a good job.

Put those testimonials somewhere where your prospective clients can see. Put them up on your landing page or your Facebook page. Put it up on your Instagram stories and later create a separate highlight for it. Use it where your prospective client can easily see it. 

Never let a good testimonial go to waste. 

3. Set up A Referral Program

If your clients could actively refer you to new clients, wouldn’t that be just the best? For this to happen, ask yourself this: 

What’s in it for them? Why should they promote your business?

If you want them to refer you to a new client, you have to make it worth their while. 

Offer them a discount for every new customer they bring to you. You can sweeten the deal further, by offering the new client an introductory discount too. 

When AirBnB initially launched its referral program, it failed, initially. But understanding the importance of a good referral program, they tweaked it. They tweaked it keeping in mind the psyche of their users. By doing so, they were able to make their referral system the best in the business.

So, how did they do it? 

They realized that most of their existing customers were not keen on referring them to new clients even when these people were getting a discount or a coupon for future use. That’s because these customers did not want to appear pushy or sales-y among their friends. 

So, what they did was offer these friends… TADA…an introductory coupon. These referred people would receive $25 worth of credit when they signed in using their friend’s referral.  Now when the existing customers referred their clients, they were actually doing the friend a favor by getting them a $25 credit. This made the referral program friendlier and look more natural. 

How about you copy the same strategy?

Offer a discount to not just your existing clients but give an incentive to their friends who wants to use your services. Who doesn’t want to help out a friend with a discount?!

Voila, more clients! 

My 3-step plan of getting your existing clients to get you more clients is so easy, right? The best part is that all of these strategies don’t require you to actively look for new clients. Do these once, and you will see clients rolling in.

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