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Automating Your Client Onboarding Process: Why You NEED to NOW!

Whether you are brand new to the virtual world or you have been working as a successful virtual assistant  for quite some time now automating your client onboarding process should be a focus in your business. Many people have different views about onboarding and the importance of it. Did you know that onboarding can make your business more efficient? It provides your customers with a better experience and can save you so much time and money. 


Onboarding a client includes all of the steps that happen once you and your client agree to work together. These are tasks that need to be completed before you can begin a successful working relationship. You may have developed many checklists to include all of the items that you complete after coming to an agreement with a potential client…tasks such as gathering and organizing all of your clients’ information, collecting signatures, completing paperwork and contracts, sending out your welcome packet, creating standard operating procedures, setting up payment, setting up collaboration programs and much more.

If you sit and manually do every single one of those tasks…you my friend are wasting precious time and money! If you personally complete these each and every time, not only are you wasting your time but you risk missing steps or forgetting important aspects of your onboarding process…this is why you NEED to automate your business and why automating your client onboarding process is so crucial!


Automation is very crucial to your business’ success. The benefits of setting up automation with your onboarding process will save you time, help you land more clients and ultimately make more money in the long run. By taking the time to automate your processes you will be setting a solid foundation for a strong working relationship. You are establishing a strong standard of communication with your client.

When you automate your business, you are also creating a seamless transition as you land potential clients. You are letting your client know right away that working with you is easy! Which in return, creates a better overall experience for your client. You know what happens when clients have great experiences….they are proud to refer you and share you within their network!

VA Fast Trak

As you can see and probably know through trial and error, onboarding is so much more than “hello, I’m excited to work with you!” You need to specifically have a plan in place to retain all of the information you need all while setting up processes and systems that will create a solid and successful working relationship. You can do so by incorporating some strategy into your automation. Think about all of the moving parts on the backend and find systems that will remove you from having to do each and every little task.

Calendar Management

One example is the use of calendly or a similar calendar program that can be embedded into your website. As clients decide they would like to set up a meeting with you, they will be directed to schedule via your calendly link. Calendly will connect to your email account and your zoom account this will then automatically send your potential client all of the information they need for your scheduled discovery call!

Without automation, you would have to manually do all of those steps. Calendar automation is just one of the many, many tasks that go into a successful onboarding process! It is definitely worth your time, energy and money to learn all about automating your business. One way to perfect your onboarding automation is through investing in a course. After all, time is money!

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