How Automating Your Business Can Make You More Money! -
Why Automating Your Business Can Make You More Money

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How Automating Your Business Can Make You More Money!

Do you often find yourself spending countless hours working on the mundane tasks of your business? Are you struggling to push yourself over that leap and see substantial growth within your business? Do you search and search for time within your day to make room for the tasks that would benefit you the most? If you answered yes to any of those questions, you my friend, automating your business is going to be essential for you to make more money!

What is Automation in Business?

Automating your business is one of the most crucial and beneficial things you can do to experience large growth and scale. You can automate your business in several ways:

1. Batching your content and pre-scheduling it by the month
2. Using a scheduler to book your meetings and appointments
3. Automation apps like Zapier to trigger events and processes in the back end of your business.

If you are not automating your daily tasks you are most definitely working harder than you should be! Working smarter not harder is key. Automation will make you MONEY and skyrocket your administrative business!

Why is it important?

Good thing you asked! Think about a scenario within your daily schedule…let’s look at a discovery call as an example. When a prospective client decides to book a discovery call with you…what processes have to happen to book the call?

1. They book with you via a scheduling application
2. You need to send them a confirmation email
3. You will need to creating a zoom link and attached it to that email
4. You then need to go to your calendar and time block the scheduled meeting to ensure that you don’t double book your time and remember your call.
5. You also need to email your prospective client any questionnaires or forms you like to have completed beforehand and follow up if they do not send it back.

Oh! And don’t forget to add their email to your email marketing list.

Now, I want you to sit and think about how much time that takes you each and every time a prospective client books a call with you…

Those tasks definitely take up at least 20 minutes of your time friend, every time! But what if I told you that it didn’t have to be that way…what if I told you by automating your business, each and every one of those tasks could be completed completely without you lifting one finger! WHAT!? I am not lying…that’s the beauty of automating your business…and now you see why you must automate! 

Now, don’t get me wrong, it will definitely take some time to sit down and plan out each and every step that happens on your end in order for you to successfully and correctly set up automations of your daily task, but trust me…it is certainly well worth your time.

How to I Know Where to Start?

I encourage you to invest some time into incorporating the use of some automation softwares into your daily routines to benefit and grow your business. Here are a few great software programs that will help you grow to the next level.

When looking to automate your discovery call set up like in the scenario we talked about earlier…think about adding in a scheduling software such as calendly or acuity, these programs will help you automatically populate and email out your zoom link and time block in your schedule (while also checking for previous bookings). When looking for email marketing programs take a look at convertkit or mailchimp. There are many others as well, these are just a few that are well known and that I personally use to create effective procedures and automations within my business! What are you waiting for? What will you automate first?!    

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