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5 Free Tools to Start Your Online Business

Starting your online business can seem very overwhelming at first. There are so many apps! There are so many things to think about: branding you business, logos, websites, funnels. Where do you begin? Here are a list of five free tools that can help you get started.


This is by far my favorite tool to use! It does start as a free account but can also be upgraded to get access to additional professional features. If you are looking for a tool that does it all, this is definitely the one. In Canva you can create graphics like logos, graphics for your website, graphics for your blog, graphics for social media, graphics for just about anything that you will need for marketing your business. Canva has so many tutorials and help topics to get you started, and anyone can use this tool with ease. I suggest every entrepreneur look into before going down the graphic rabbit hole.


Although this platform is nice, I’m am no longer using it (being honest here, I have outgrown the platform but used it for 5 years). It was and is definitely the first platform I suggest for a starter website. With this tool you can purchase your domain for very low cost (under $20) and start your website for free. Building a website can be intimidating but there is no coding knowledge needed here. Weebly has thousands of website designs to choose from. The also offer several free templates for those of us who are trying to start on a budget. With this tool you can build your website and blog in an afternoon to launch your business now.


Later is a tool for social media post scheduling. Later offers free and paid plans, but on the free plan you can schedule out your social media post to one social media profile. This is the perfect way to get you in the habit of batching out your social media content. We all know in this day and age if you’re doing anything digital you need these types of tools. Later is the perfect tool to get you organized and consistent in your social media presence.


ClickUp is a monster of a tool that can help me to organize your business from A-to-Z. It can also keep you connected to all people involved in your projects. With this tool you can build out how your systems are organized, you can keep track of products, you can keep track of projects, you can keep track of just about anything that you would need to keep track of to run a business efficiently. If you are starting a business this is also a great tool to help you build out your daily routine. The best part is that there is a free version that has so many capabilities it will blow your mind!! Not a systems person? Check out our services for our systems buildout package. Let us set you up for success and get your business running like a well oiled machine.


If you live on this planet you know that Google is the most popular search engine available. Many of you may not know that Google is bigger than you think. Google has so much more to offer than just search engine capabilities. Google can offer you emailing (GMail), it can offer you Word Documents, it can offer you Excel Spreadsheets, it can offer you fillable forms, it can also offer you Analytics. (Analytics allows you to see who’s visiting your website). Google is the actual Mecca of all things free and efficient. Oh yea…you read that right. FREE!!! Google offers many basic services for free and with upgrade for a small fee can literally do anything.

All of these tools integrate together which can make your process seamless. It can also get you started on your online business journey. If you are in need of help in setting these applications up, The Raxx Creative is here to help! Please let me know if you have any questions about the items listed above or if you need help in setting this up.

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